Stormy clouds above the sea

The clouds are anxious, or maybe sad

Who knows?

As the tears they’ve been holding

Start to fall down

They allow their stormy feelings to shine through

They’re suffering and their pain flashes so quickly

Fast enough that only the people who care will notice

I have always loved storms

I like the comfort of not really being alone with my feelings

I too can let the stormy clouds roll in, and it’s okay to let the rain fall

Some people are afraid of these storms

But the true understand that with a little patience it will pass

Because inside every storm, there is still a little color, a little light

And that proves that the sun will shine again

But right now, the stormy clouds above the sea

Are still fighting their stormy feelings

Fighting, waiting for the moment

The moment when they are ready to let go

Let go, and let the sun shine again